Keuffel & Esser Building

Home to nation’s leading architectural equipment manufacturer designated. On April 26, 2005, Landmarks designated the Keuffel & Esser Company Building at 127 Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan. Constructed in 1893 and designed by De Lemos & Cordes, the eight-story Renaissance Revival style through-block building stretching from Fulton to Ann Streets, consists of brick, ornamented terra-cotta and cast iron.

Landmarks unanimously voted to designate the building, which served for over seven decades as the general offices for the leading architectural drawing and drafting equipment supplier in the United States. Landmarks noted that the richly textured Keuffel & Esser Building is a unique example of the Renaissance Revival style and reflects the commercial explosion that took place in Manhattan during the late 1880s.

LPC: Keuffel & Esser Building, 127 Fulton Street (LP-2178) (April 26, 2005).

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