Industrial building to be converted to apartments

BSA required owner to demolish rear portion of full-lot building to create needed open space. SMJ Properties LLC applied to BSA to convert and enlarge a three-story manufacturing- zoned building into two apartments totaling 3,893 sq.ft. As originally proposed, the plan maintained the existing building’s full-lot coverage, providing no rear yard or open space.

SMJ argued that the area was primarily residential and the building’s 21-foot width, its narrow staircase and the lack of an elevator made industrial uses infeasible. In addition, its location along a one-way street with parking on both sides severely restricted loading access and further constrained industrial uses. SMJ submitted a 400-foot radius map that showed only two lots with industrial uses within the outlined area.

BSA advised SMJ to demolish portions of the building to add some open space either in a rear yard or courtyard. SMJ then submitted a second plan providing a 33-foot rear yard and an increase in the total building to 4,248 sq.ft. It claimed the extra floor space was necessary to make the newly designed building economically feasible.

BSA approved the new proposal, noting that the first plan was incompatible with neighboring residential buildings, which contained rear yards.

BSA: 461 Carroll Street (50-06-BZ) (Jan. 30, 2007). CITYADMIN

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