Ikea approval upheld

Citizens’ challenge dismissed. In February, 2005, five Brooklyn residents and the Coalition to Revitalize Our Waterfront filed a petition seeking to void the City’s approval of an Ikea superstore in Brooklyn’s Erie Basin, arguing that the environmental study was flawed, the zoning change constituted “spot zoning”, and the development was inconsistent with the City’s zoning plans. 2 CityLand 29 (Mar. 15, 2005).

Justice Karen S. Smith denied the petition, finding that the map amendment was part of a comprehensive, multi-goal plan for the area and therefore not an instance of “spot zoning.” Further, the environmental study properly addressed the areas required under the city’s environmental quality review manual.

Coalition to Revitalize Our Waterfront Now v. NYC, Index No. 101955/05, (June 27, 2005) (N.Y.Cty.Sup.Ct.).

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