Hunter College to renovate Roosevelt House

Extensive renovations approved for Sara Delano Roosevelt House. At the October 26, 2004 Landmarks hearing, Hunter College gained approval of its extensive plans to restore and preserve the Sara Delano Roosevelt Memorial House, designated in 1973 and located at 47-49 East 65th Street. Sara Delano Roosevelt was the mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, who lived in the house with his wife, Eleanor, and convalesced there from polio in 1921-1922.

The proposed changes include modifying the fence, installing a barrier- free access chairlift, installing rooftop mechanical equipment and rooftop and rear yard additions .

Referring to the clash between the modern chairlift and the historical preservation, Commissioner Gerner stated that, ”If the technology had existed then, it would have been used.” The House was purchased by CUNY after Sara Roosevelt’s death in 1934.

The final permit’s issuance is pending approval of final plans by Landmarks.

LPC Item. No. 5 Case No. 05-2261 (October 26, 2004).


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