HPD Launches HomeFix 2.0, Searching for Partners

Image Credit: NYC HPD

On October 24, 2023, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) announced that they are in search of a partner organization to expand their program, HomeFix, geared towards helping low to moderate income homeowners repair their properties. The repairs covered by the program include upgrades and improvements to protect homes from extreme weather and flooding. Interested parties are asked to submit proposals with ideas for the program that are in line with Mayor Eric Adams’ “Housing our Neighbors” initiative, which seeks to help communities build wealth through homeownership.

HomeFix, originally launched in 2019, works to provide low to no interest loans to owners of one to four family homes within the City. The loans, with a cap at $60,000, are meant to pay for repairs that are hazardous to residents’ health including: heating, roofing, and accessibility improvements. Through the program, homeowners received financial counseling, construction management, and other services to aid them in achieving long term stability within their home. Financial and technical assistance comes from both community organizations and nonprofit partners.

Due to the volume of interest in HomeFix, the HPD is expanding to cover urgent repair and maintenance needs for homeowners. The expanded program, HomeFix 2.0, will be funded through a City contract for the first time. Around seventy-five percent of buildings in the City’s coastal floodplain are one to four family homes and are subject to increased flood risks and climate threats. HomeFix 2.0’s goal is to support the preservation of the City’s housing stick, promote the safety of residents, and provide stability for 150 homeowners every year. Due to the pandemic, homeowners are burdened with a plethora of costs including higher interest rates, inflation, and supply chain constraints, making HomeFix 2.0 even more important to the City’s homeowners.

Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development and Workforce Maria Torres-Springer said, “As the impacts of climate change grow, New York City is committed to maintaining safe and resilient homes, with a focus on supporting lower income homeowners. Equipping homeowners with critical funding to prevent the worst impacts of flooding provides New Yorkers with the peace of mind through future weather events, and builds on this administration’s work on sustainability, reducing emissions and decreasing energy costs.”

HPD Commissioner Adolfo Carrión Jr. said, “Just weeks ago, torrential rains and flooding underscored the critical need to help homeowners protect and prepare their homes for inevitable and more frequent storms. We are witnessing the direct impacts of climate change, especially in the city’s coastal floodplain, where many homeowners live. We are committed to equipping homeowners to face that reality. Through this process, we will bring on a new partner to deliver vital repairs and improvements to homes across the city.”

By: Meg Beauregard (Meg is the CityLaw intern, and a New York Law School student, Class of 2024).

New York City Department of Housing Prevention and Development: “HPD Seeks New Partnership to Help Homeowners Pay for Flood Prevention Improvements, Expand Assistance for Small Home Repairs and Upgrades” (Oct. 24, 2023).



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