Harlem car wash owner withdraws application

Owner sought to legalize ‘car wash, auto-lubrication station and accessory retail building. 2 113 First Avenue, llC, owner of two lots used for auto-related uses located at 338 East 109th Street in a residential district, sought a variance to legalize the existing car wash, auto-lubrication station and accessory retail building.

In its application to BSA, 2 1 13 represented that the oddly shaped lots and residential zoning made as-of-right development infeasible and that parts of the premises have been used for auto-related purposes for over 75 years. The developer also argued that the auto uses provided an economic benefit to the neighborhood.

Manhattan Community Board 11 urged BSA to reject the variance, complaining that the car wash created traffic congestion, vehicles blocked access to the sidewalk, and cleaning solutions drained onto the sidewalk and street.

On October 1 3 , 2005, 2 1 13 withdrew the application. The owner’s attorney did not respond to CityLand when contacted.

When asked to comment on the application, BSA stated that prior to the withdrawal, 2 1 13 never presented a development analysis of an as-of-right residential project, failed to address Buildings’ concern that one of the proposed uses was not permitted without a waiver, and insufficiently addressed whether the character of the neighborhood changed since the. 1950s BSA grant that authorized the construction of an existing garage building.

BSA: 338 East 109th Street (41 -04-BZ) (Dominick Answini, Sheldon Lobel, P.c., for 2113 First Avenue, LLC) . CrTYADMIN

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