Fordham’s environmental study gets first review

Public comments on plan to expand Lincoln Square campus in order to provide over 2.5 million sq.ft. of new floor area. On September 10, 2007, City Planning held a public hearing on the draft scope of the environmental impact statement for the proposed expansion of Fordham University’s Lincoln Square campus.

Fordham plans to build facilities for its law, business, social services and education schools, dormitories, a theater, and parking facilities on the block bounded by Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues between West 60th and West 62nd Streets.

Fordham would undertake the project in phases, allowing it to use its existing law school on the site while building the replacement school. Fordham would also convey rights to a private developer to build two residential buildings: one with 512 units and 68 accessory parking spaces and the other with 364 units and 137 accessory parking spaces. The proceeds from the conveyance would help finance the larger expansion. The buildings being studied in the environmental review would reach heights of over 600 feet. In total, the expansion will yield 2.38 million sq.ft. of academic and dormitory space, 701,073 sq.ft. of residential space, and 470 parking spaces.

The site is located in the Special Lincoln Square District. The proposed expansion would not require a change in zoning, but does call for special permits to waive height, setback, and minimum distance requirements as well as special permits for accessory parking.

City Planning closed the comment period on September 20, 2007.

Public Scoping Meeting on the proposed Fordham University Lincoln Center Master Plan (Sept. 10, 2007).


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