FDNY gains approval for two new firehouses

New station houses would consolidate FDNY units. The Planning Commission unanimously approved FDNY’s two applications for the acquisition and selection of lots in Brooklyn for two new firehouses that will consolidate Engine 201 and Ladder 114 in Sunset Park, and Engine 277 and Ladder 112 in Bushwick.

The FDNY sought approval to acquire a vacant, privately-owned lot at 5117 Fourth Avenue, Sunset Park, adjacent to Engine 201’s existing firehouse, where it would construct a new joint firehouse and battalion command center. The FDNY proposed to demolish Engine 201’s existing two-story facility at 5113 Fourth Avenue, constructed in 1892, and replace it with a three-story 13,000-square-foot, double-company station. No plan was proposed for the reuse of Ladder 114’s firehouse at 5209 Fifth Avenue, located one block from the proposed site. The Planning Commission approved the acquisition at 5117 Fourth Avenue, finding the location ideal due to its primarily commercial nature and its wide lanes.

For Engine 277 and Ladder 112 in Bushwick, the FDNY sought site selection approval of a 2,500- square-foot, City-owned lot at 580- 82 Knickerbocker Avenue, formally used by the Department of Education and directly adjacent to Engine 277’s existing firehouse. Following demolition of Engine 277’s existing facility, the FDNY would construct a new, three-story, 10,775-squarefoot firehouse for the two companies. The proposed facility also required a special permit to allow construction in a residential district and for the building to exceed size and lot coverage restrictions. The Planning Commission approved the proposal, stating that there was a lack of suitable, vacant or City-owned parcels.

ULURP Process: The FDNY, as lead agency, issued a negative declaration for Engine 201/Ladder 114 on August 23, 2004, and a separate negative declaration for Engine 277/Ladder 112 on December 8, 2003.

Community Board 7 unanimously approved the consolidation of the Engine 201 firehouse. Borough President Marty Markowitz recommended approval, but requested that the FDNY work with the community to ensure the reuse of Ladder 114’s existing firehouse following consolidation.

Community Board 3 and Borough President Markowitz approved the consolidation of Engine 277 and Ladder 112.

CPC: Engine 277/Ladder 112 (C 040404 PSK – site selection of 580 Knickerbocker Ave.); (C 040405 ZSK – special permit) (March 30, 2005); CPC: Engine 201 Fire House (C 050132 PCK – acquisition of 5117 Fourth Ave.) (March 16, 2005). CITYADMIN

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