East side tower allowed to reduce plaza area

Plaza was larger than required to support the increased FAR incorporated into the 36-story building. Akam Associates, owner of 300 East 74th Street, sought to amend a 1966 variance that had granted additional floors for a 36-story mixed-use building currently standing on the site. The variance contained a plaza bonus, allowing an increase in floor area in exchange for creating a street-level public plaza. The zoning allows a maximum FAR of 10, but the building’s FAR is 13.7. The existing plaza is 6,553 sq.ft., 593 sq.ft. in excess of the square footage needed to support the increase to the building’s size. Akam sought to reduce the plaza by the excess square footage and create an extension to house recyclables, as well as legalize a small portion for mechanical equipment.

BSA granted the amendment, finding that the plaza’s remaining size was still appropriate for the increased floor area granted by the original variance. BSA conditioned the approval on the recyclable area being outside the plaza and the plaza incorporating the lighting, seating, circulation and other design factors agreed upon by BSA and the Planning Department.

BSA: 300 East 74th Street (198-66-BZ) (April 19, 2005) (Eric Palatnik, P.C., for Akam Associates). CITYADMIN

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