East Side hotel legalizes its gym and spa

Mid-town hotel,marketing itself as a spa/fitness-getaway, had no permit for its spa. The Affinia Dumont Hotel, advertising itself as “New York City’s only Executive Fitness Suite Hotel,” had illegally operated a spa and gym without a permit since May 2004. Located at 150 East 34th Street, the 37-story hotel concentrates its marketing and hotel services around its spa and gym, offering spa packages, in-room massages and a “fitness concierge” to arrange gym and spa services for guests.

Applying to BSA to legalize its 3,564-square-foot spa and gym, Affinia argued that its continued use would not impact adjacent uses and would not be detrimental to the public welfare. Affinia stated that it employed only licensed masseurs.

BSA granted the permit, limiting it to ten years and requiring an additional application with any future change in ownership.

BSA: 150 East 34th Street (389-04-BZ) (September 23, 2005) (Francis Angelino, for Affinia Dumont). CITYADMIN

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