DOT Launches Bike Parking Pilot Program

Enclosed bicycle parking pods will temporarily be located at five different locations in a pilot program between Oonee, the creator of the pods, and the Department of Transportation. Image Credit: NYC DOT.

The pods are enclosed to provide secure bicycle parking. On March 11, 2022, the New York City Department of Transportation announced the launch of a bicycle parking pilot program which will provide protected curbside biking corrals in five locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. As more New Yorkers choose cycling as a mode of transportation, secure bike parking options will be in greater demand.

Brooklyn-based company Oonee will provide a prototype “Mini” protected curbside bicycle parking pod for 29 days in each selected location to allow the Department of Transportation to gather data about its use. Each “Mini” pod provides enclosed, secure bicycle parking for six bicycles, features internal lighting to allow users to access their bicycles at all hours, customer service support and greenery on top of the pods to add to the aesthetic look of the curbside. Bicycle owners must register with Oonee to access the parking pods, but the membership will be free for the duration of the demonstration. 

The Oonee pods will be available at the following locations: 

March – Meatpacking BID, 400 W 14th Street, Manhattan

April – Lower East Side BID, Broome/Essex near Essex Street Market, Manhattan

May – Union Square BID, Southeast corner of 14th Street and 5th Avenue near New School, Manhattan

June – Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council, Vanderbilt Avenue Open Street near 577 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

July – 31st Avenue Open Street, near 34-02 31st Avenue, Astoria, Queens

In addition to the Oonee pilot program, the Department of Transportation is working on its current efforts to install 10,000 new bicycle racks by the end of 2022.

Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez stated, “DOT is proud to support a minority-owned business based right here in New York City, with an idea that has met its time. As cycling has grown more popular during the pandemic, we know that finding safe bike parking is among the obstacles riders face – and Oonee expertly meets that need. We want to send a clear message to cyclists this spring: try out a “Mini” so that we can better learn what cyclists need, as we work to bring more bike parking spaces around the City.”

Shabazz Stuart, Oonee Founder and CEO, stated, “Speaking on behalf of the entire Oonee team, we are excited and humbled to work with the Department of Transportation and these incredible community based groups to introduce this much needed cycling infrastructure to our streets. “Personally speaking, as a kid who grew up in Brooklyn, this is just a dream come true. Together with the DOT and the Adams Administration we are creating new, green public transit options that are going to enhance quality of life for all New Yorkers. It’s simply a dream come true.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the CityLaw fellow and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)


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