DOB stiffens rules for construction superintendents

Proposed rule would set new qualifications, registration requirements and suspension rules. The Department of Buildings proposed stiffer requirements for the designation of construction superintendents on all demolition and construction jobs.

Under the new rules, Buildings would not issue demolition or building permits without a designated construction superintendent who met certain qualifications. To qualify, the construction superintendent must be a licensed professional engineer, a registered architect or a site safety manager certified by Buildings. Alternatively, the construction superintendent must provide proof of five years of construction superintendent experience and seven to ten hours of completed safety courses, or five years experience in the construction industry as a mason, carpenter, or building inspector and 50 hours of appropriate safety courses.

Construction superintendents would be required to register with Buildings by submitting an application with proof of qualifications. Under the proposal, Buildings’ Commissioner would have the power to suspend or revoke a construction superintendent’s registration for any violation of the Building Code, Buildings rules or the Zoning Resolution. The Commissioner would also have the power to immediately suspend or revoke registration where emergency action is needed to protect public safety. Buildings would have discretion to impose fines up to $1,000 on a construction superintendent for each violation of an applicable rule.

In the event of a suspension, Buildings will stop work on all jobs that list the suspended construction superintendent unless the permit holder replaces the suspended person within five days.

Buildings held its public hearing on the proposal on March 1, 2007.

City Record, Jan. 30, 2007, at 295.

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