DeBeers second plan ok’ed

Changes to St. Regis Hotel approved. DeBeers, after its original plan was denied in November 2004, sought approval of a second, less elaborate proposal to alter a portion of the facade of the landmarked St. Regis Hotel for its retail space along Fifth Avenue. The second application sought to remove the modern storefront, replacing it with large display windows with maroon framing and installing etched glass panels directly behind the display windows. Six maroon awnings, metal signage and pin-mounted lettering were also proposed. The more elaborate original proposal would have covered the masonry and replaced the window’s transparent glass with dark aubergine glass. See 1 CityLand 47 (December 2004).

Landmarks approved the second proposal, finding that the translucent and etched glass maintained the needed transparency in the windows, the lettering was appropriate and the awnings were reminiscent of retractable awnings found on buildings of the same style and age as the St. Regis Hotel.

LPC: 699 Fifth Avenue, St. Regis Hotel (COFA #05-5231) (February 9, 2005). CITYADMIN

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