DCP Updates Population FactFinder and MapViewer Tools to Reflect 2020 Census Data

On November 14, 2023, Department of City Planning (DCP) Director Dan Garodnick announced that DCP’s online census data tools Population FactFinder and Population MapViewer have been updated. Both programs have been refreshed to include new demographic information as well as features that make exploring New York City through the tools easier.

The new information that can be found on DCPs updated tools are from 2020 Census reports. The Census Bureau’s 2020 Census Demographic & Housing Characteristics file provided detailed age, household composition, housing tenure and vacancy rates for a multitude of different geographies. These geographies include: blocks, Neighborhood Tabulation Areas, Community Districts, and the latest City Council Districts. All data is shown through charts summarizing user selected characteristics.

In addition to 2020 Census data, Population FactFinder shows changes dating back to 2010 as well as socioeconomic data from the American Community Survey. This data can also be seen in Population MapViewer where users can explore characteristics across neighborhoods in maps and ranked charts. With both tools users can explore changes across time, look at individual neighborhoods, and compare neighborhoods throughout the City.

Dan Garodnick, Director of the Department of City Planning said, “The latest additions to Population FactFinder and MapViewer are the next step in our ongoing work to make important demographic information about New York City accessible and transparent to all. Our cutting-edge online tools make it easy to visualize complicated demographic data across New York’s diverse neighborhoods and communities.”

By: Meg Beauregard (Meg is the CityLaw intern, and a New York Law School student, Class of 2024).

Department of City Planning:  “City Planning’s Online Census Data Tools Updated with New Demographic and Household Information and Ability to Map and Rank Neighborhoods” (Nov. 14, 2023).


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