Crown Heights historic district to be considered

Landmarks takes first step towards designation of new, 470-building historic district. On June 20, 2006, Landmarks voted to hold a public hearing on the proposed Crown Heights North Historic District, which will encompass 470 buildings, primarily along Dean and Pacific Streets; St. Mark’s, New York, Nostrand and Bedford Avenues; and Grand Square in Brooklyn.

At the June 20th vote, Landmarks staff provided a synopsis on the area’s transformation from farmland to the rapid row house construction that followed the Brooklyn Bridge’s opening. Among the buildings mentioned were the 1850-55 frame house on Dean Street, the Queen Anne style row houses at 1164-1182 Dean Street, and the New York Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church.

Chair Robert B. Tierney explained that Landmarks participated in several community meetings prior to the vote and he believed support for the designation was high among Crown Heights’ homeowners. Tierney thanked Council Member Albert Vann, who represents Crown Heights, for his commitment to the historic district’s formation and his assistance with Landmarks’ community outreach.

Landmarks did not set a public hearing date. Tierney indicated that work on the historic district would continue; he anticipated a designation vote before the end of the City’s next fiscal year in July 2007.

LPC: Crown Heights North Historic District (LP-2204) (June 20, 2006).

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