Council Speaker Johnson and City Council Launch Interactive Map of City’s Parks

Central Park. Image Credit: Google Maps.

The website provides information on the City’s 1,700 parks including park amenities and maintenance funding. On May 24, 2019, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and the City Council announced the launch of an interactive map of the City’s public parks. The map can be accessed on the Council’s Parks in NYC page, offering information on the City’s 1,700 parks including the location of 2,856 playgrounds, 557 basketball courts, 546 handball courts, 34 running tracks, 69 barbecue areas,112 food concessions, 136 dog runs, and 95 pools. The page also provides information on events taking place in parks across the five boroughs within the next 14 days. The information for the amenities locations and events locations can also be viewed as a list.

In addition to the interactive map with information on the different facilities within parks, a second interactive map is available providing funding information. The information for each park includes the size of the park, the available amenities, and the amount of public and private funding received in fiscal year 2018 for the park’s maintenance. The overall 2018 budget for parks maintenance and operations was $420 million, with $44.7 million allocated to individual parks. Private funding in 2018 for maintenance and events totaled $71.7 million.

“…Public parks are the lungs of our metropolis and a vital part of our city. We have hundreds of these jewels across our city, and this interactive map will let you explore each one of them individually,” stated Speaker Johnson.


By: Viktoriya Gray (Viktoriya is the CityLaw Fellow and New York Law School Graduate, Class of 2018).


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  1. I wish each municipal officer would do the job they are assigned and not campaign for their next job at the public’s expense.

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