Council Speaker Adams Announces Committee Appointments

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On January 20, 2022, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams announced the selections for the City Council’s various committees. 

For the land use related committees, the appointments are as follows: 

Housing and Buildings

Pierina Ana Sanchez, Chair (BX, District 14); Alexa Avilés (BK, District 38); Charles Barron (BK, District 42); Tiffany Cabán (QN, District 22); Eric Dinowitz (BX, District 11); Oswald Feliz (BX, District 15); Crystal Hudson (BK, District 35); Ari Kagan (BK, District 47); Carlina Rivera (MN, District 2)

Council Member Sanchez stated, “At a time when our City faces an ongoing housing crisis, I cannot be more proud to be appointed to chair the City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings. In the last two weeks, we have witnessed the devastating impact of the Twin Parks 5 Alarm Fire and South Bronx fire due to neglected buildings and gas leaks, claiming the lives of 18 New Yorkers, our neighbors. The City’s affordable housing crisis, disproportionately impacting low- to moderate-income communities and communities of color for years, has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding health and economic fallout. Only 18 percent of renter-occupied homes are well maintained by landlords, up to 70 percent of the lowest-income households live in homes they cannot afford, nearly 300,000 evictions have been filed in the state with a lifted eviction moratorium, and our buildings still emit unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutions. In this dire context, the work of this committee and of housing advocates and of leaders in the City of New York could not be more important. I am energized to serve alongside a Speaker, City Council and Mayor who are committed to working hard to protect tenants demanding safe, healthy, quality and affordable housing, and fighting against harassment, neglect, and speculative landlords.”

Land Use

Rafael Salamanca Jr., Chair (BX, District 17); Joseph C. Borelli (SI, District 51); Erik Bottcher (BX, District 3); Selvana N. Brooks-Powers (QN, District 31); Kamillah Hanks (SI, District 49); Ari Kagan (BK, District 47); Shekar Krishnan (QN, District 25); Farah N. Louis (BK, District 45); Darlene Mealy (BK, District 41); Kevin Riley (BX, District 12); Carlina Rivera (MN, District 2); Pierina Ana Sanchez (BX, District 14)

Council Member Salamanca stated, “As the city navigates its future in the COVID-19 landscape, the New York City Council will continue to play a pivotal role in providing and obtaining essential resources on behalf of all New Yorkers. Working with Speaker Adams, the Council’s Leadership Team, and my colleagues, I will passionately advocate for those historically underserved communities. . . The critical need for quality, truly affordable housing has only intensified by the global pandemic. I look forward to working with my colleagues to shape and create appropriate, pro-community development within their districts.”

Parks and Recreation 

Shekar Krishnan, Chair (QN, District 25); David Carr (SI, District 50); Eric Dinowitz (BX, District 11); Robert F. Holden (QN, District 30); Linda Lee (QN, District 23); Christopher Marte (MN, District 1); Julie Menin (MN, District 5); Mercedes Narcisse (BK, District 46); Lincoln Restler (BK, District 33); Sandra Ung (QN, District 20); Marjorie Velázquez (BX, District 13)

Council Member Krishnan stated, “I’m honored to be Chair of the Committee on Parks and Recreation and grateful to Speaker Adams for this appointment. I am looking forward to working with Speaker Adams and our colleagues. In this city, where we live affects everything around us, including our access to green space and all the benefits that come with it. As the pandemic has shown us, we must invest in our parks with the same urgency as our subways, our hospitals, and our schools. This is especially true for our most vulnerable communities. Our parks are a matter of social justice.”

Public Housing

Alexa Avilés, Chair (BK, District 38); Diana Ayala (MN/BX District 8); Charles Barron (BK, District 42); Carmen De La Rosa (MN, District 10); Darlene Mealy (BK, District 41); Chi Ossé (BK, District 36); Lincoln Restler (BK, District 33); Rafael Salamanca Jr. (BX, District 17); Pierina Ana Sanchez (BX, District 14); Julie Won (QN, District 26)

Council Member Avilés stated, “I am honored to serve as Chairwoman of the Council’s Committee on Public Housing. NYCHA was one of the first public housing authorities to ever break ground and is the largest in North America. With capital needs alone of $40 billion and growing, we will have our work cut out for us. I commit to protect, preserve, and invest in NYCHA, to hold contractors, elected officials, and the agency accountable, and to serve the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who call NYCHA home. I will fight to keep public housing as a public good and to advance a vision for public housing that is resident-led and centered.”

Resiliency and Waterfronts

Ari Kagan, Chair (BK, District 47); Joann Ariola (QN, District 42); James F. Gennaro (QN, District 24); Christopher Marte (MN, District 1); Sandy Nurse (BK, District 37); Vickie Paladino (QN, District 19)

Council Member Kagan stated, “As the Council Member representing Southern Brooklyn communities, I am excited to work in my new capacity as Chair of Resiliency and Waterfront Committee. Our area suffered tremendously from Superstorm Sandy and recently from Ida Storm. We need substantial city, state and federal resources and careful long-term planning to prepare the entire New York City for future storms, flooding and other natural disasters. I am grateful to Council Speaker Adrienne Adams for giving me this opportunity to Chair this important Committee and to make a difference for all New Yorkers, especially in waterfront areas like Southern Brooklyn.” 

Transportation and Infrastructure 

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers, Chair (QN, District 31); Joann Ariola (QN, District 32); David Carr (SI, District 50); Amanda Farías (BX, District 18); Ari Kagan (BK, District 47); Linda Lee (QN, DIstrict 23); Farah N. Louis (BK, District 45); Mercedes Narcisse (BK, District 46); Lincoln Restler (BK, District 33); Althea Stevens (BX, District 16); Marjorie Velázquez (BX, District 13); Nantasha Williams (QN, District 27); Julie Won (QN, District 26); Kalman Yeger (BK, District 44)

Majority Whip Brooks-Powers stated, “I am honored to have been appointed by Speaker Adams and serve my fellow New Yorkers as Chair of the City Council’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Our city deserves a transportation system that is reliable, accessible, affordable, and safe. We will work to improve the service of our public transportation network, shrink transit deserts across the five boroughs, and connect all New Yorkers to economic opportunities. Together we will address our city’s most pressing transportation needs, eradicate systemic barriers, and build a more equitable system for all New Yorkers.”

Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses

Farah N. Louis, Chair (BK, District 45); Carmen De La Rosa (MN, District 10); Oswald Feliz (BX, District 15); Robert F. Holden (QN, District 30); Christopher Marte (MN, District 1); Sandy Nurse (BK, District 37); Sandra Ung (QN, District 20); Inna Vernikov (BK, District 48)

Council Member Louis stated, “New York City is renowned for its rich architecture and beautiful neighborhoods that are emblematic of our cultural diversity and historic moments that have been pivotal to our advancements in equity, justice, and representation. It is important that we preserve these spaces for future generations to explore and cherish their significance in who we are as New Yorkers. I look forward to chairing the Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Sitings, and Dispositions and working with my colleagues in the New York City Council to ensure that we exercise due diligence in protecting our past as we build towards our future.”

Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises 

Kevin Riley, Chair (BX, District 12); Shaun Abreu (MN, District 7); Erik Bottcher (MN, District 3); David Carr (SI, District 50); Kamillah Hanks (SI, District 49); Farah N. Louis (BK, District 45); Francisco Moya (QN, District 21); Lynn Schulman (QN, District 29)

For the full list of committee appointments, click here. To see the full list of Council Members, click here.

Speaker Adams stated, “I am proud to announce our City Council’s Leadership, as well as committee chairs and assignments. This is the most diverse City Council in history, and each member’s experiences and expertise will shape the important work of our legislative body. I am confident that this City Council will work together to achieve our shared goal of providing strong oversight as a co-equal branch of city government and improving the lives of every New Yorker. We are unified and ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the CityLaw fellow and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)


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