Council Announces New Committee Appointments

Image credit: New York City Council.

On January 18, 2024, the City Council released the new committee appointments following the start of the new session. 

For land use related and adjacent committees, the appointments are as follows:

Environmental Protection, Resiliency & Waterfronts

James Gennaro, Chair (QN, District 24); Lincoln Restler (BK, District 33); Robert F. Holden (QN, District 30); Sandy Nurse (BK, District 37); Kristy Marmorato (BX, District 13); Justin Brannan (BK, District 47); Rafael Salamanca Jr. (BX, District 17); Susan Zhuang (BK, District 43); Alexa Avilés (BK, District 38)

Council Member Gennaro stated, “I am deeply honored and most grateful to Speaker Adrienne Adams and my Council colleagues for entrusting me with the critically important role as Chair of the Committee on Environmental Protection, Resiliency, & Waterfronts once again. Speaker Adams has an expansive and aspirational vision for how the Council can be a national leader on climate change, clean air and water, increased resiliency regarding street flooding from severe storms, and resilient waterfronts to repel storm surge. The Speaker is also deeply committed to environmental justice and climate justice and ensuring that heretofore marginalized communities are given priority regarding the opportunities and prosperity that the City’s burgeoning green economy will offer. I salute the Speaker’s bold vision, and I pledge to use my many decades of environmental policymaking experience to fulfill her vision to make our city a beacon to cities across the country on their respective journeys towards sustainability, climate justice, and prosperous green economies.”

Housing and Building

Pierina Ana Sanchez, Chair (BX, District 14); Alexa Avilés (BK, District 38); Crystal Hudson (BK, District 35); Oswald Feliz (BX, District 15); Shaun Abreu (MN, District 7); Eric Dinowitz (BX, District 11); Lincoln Restler (BK, District 33)

Council Member Sanchez stated, “I am honored to be re-appointed by Speaker Adrienne Adams and my colleagues on the NYC Council to chair the Council Committee on Housing and Buildings, as the impacts of the housing crisis continue to reverberate through our communities. With buildings collapsing, fires raging, eviction rates soaring and our city not building enough, the work to stabilize New Yorkers in their homes has never been more important. I look forward to continuing the important work of the committee’s oversight and legislative functions to protect tenants, support home ownership, and ensure NYC rehabilitates and builds homes for the next generation.”

Land Use

Rafael Salamanca Jr., Chair (BX, District 17); Carlina Rivera (MN, District 2); Kamillah Hanks (SI, District 49); Kevin Riley (BX, District 12); Selvana N. Brooks-Powers (QN, District 31); Shaun Abreu (MN, District 7); Pierina Ana Sanchez (BX, District 14); Amanda Farías (BX, District 18); Joseph Borelli (SI, District 51); Francisco Moya (QN, District 21); Crystal Hudson (BK, District 35)

Council Member Salamanca stated, “I am honored that I have been asked to continue serving as the Chair of the New York City Council’s Land Use Committee! Thank you to Speaker Adrienne Adams and all of my City Council colleagues for your vote of confidence — entrusting me to continue fulfilling this position for the betterment of our great City. I look forward to this new Session and am left with no doubt of the great work that my colleagues and I will accomplish together.”

Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Sitings, and Dispositions

Kamillah Hanks, Chair (SI, District 49); Yusef Salaam (MN, District 9); Oswald Feliz (BX, District 15); Sandy Nurse (BK, District 37); Amanda Farías (BX, District 18); Christopher Marte (MN, District 1); Justin Brannan (BK, District 47)

Council Member Hanks stated, “I want to thank the Speaker for the opportunity to chair the Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Sitings, and Dispositions. Historic preservation and landmarking, now more than ever, has an important place in the development and land use in NYC. This is particularly true in boroughs like Staten Island where preserving and maintaining historic sites are extremely importance to the people in my district.”

Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises

Kevin Riley, Chair (BX, District 12); David Carr (SI, District 50); Yusef Salaam (MN, District 9); Francisco Moya (QN, District 21); Lynn Schulman (QN, District 29); Shaun Abreu (MN, District 7)

Council Member Riley stated, “I am deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving as the Chair of the New York City Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises.  This reappointment underscores our commitment to thoughtful urban planning and equitable development in our great city. Together, with my dedicated colleagues, we will work tirelessly to address the dynamic needs of our communities, aiming to cultivate zoning policies that promote inclusivity, sustainability, and robust growth. I eagerly anticipate the challenges ahead and the opportunity to contribute to the continued advancement and prosperity of New York City.”

Parks and Recreation

Shekar Krishnan, Chair (QN, District 25); David Carr (SI, District 50); Robert F. Holden (QN, District 30); Linda Lee (QN, District 23); Julie Menin (MN, District 5); Mercedes Narcisse (BK, District 46); Sandra Ung (QN, District 20); Vickie Paladino (QN, District 19)

Council Member Krishnan stated, ““It is an honor to continue serving as Chair of the Committee on Parks and Recreation. I thank Speaker Adams for her leadership and dedication to this critical issue. Parks, playgrounds and pools are vital for addressing our city’s challenges, from public health to climate change to water safety. I’m proud to have worked with parks advocates to negotiate the highest-ever budget for NYC Parks in history and to have saved the Parks Opportunity Program from the Mayor’s cuts. Under Speaker Adams’s leadership, I’m ready to keep fighting for our parks.”

Public Housing

Chris Banks, Chair (BK, District 42); Darlene Mealy (BK, District 41); Chi Ossé (BK, District 36); Rafael Salamanca Jr. (BX, District 17); Pierina Ana Sanchez (BX, District 14); Julie Won (QN, District 26); Justin Brannan (BK, District 47); Alexa Avilés (BK, District 38); Erik Bottcher (MN, District 3)

Council Member Banks stated, “Over a decade and a half ago, I started my work in public service as a grassroots tenant and community organizer going door to door in NYCHA properties organizing tenants and teaching them how to fight for fair housing. To be selected today as Chair of the New York City Council’s Public Housing Committee is a true honor, and a humbling experience. I look forward to bringing my experience, passion, advocacy, and commitment to the New York City Council as I work with NYCHA residents and other stakeholders to identify solutions and address their many concerns as I continue the fight for fairness and dignity in New York City’s public housing developments.  I am truly excited to begin this next chapter of public service and continue fighting to make a positive impact on the lives of New York City’s public housing residents.”

Sanitation and Solid Waste Management

Shaun Abreu, Chair (MN, District 7); David Carr (SI, District 50); Susan Zhuang (BK, District 43); Chris Banks (BK, District 42); James Gennaro (QN, District 24); Julie Menin (MN, District 5); Vickie Paladino (QN, District 19); Rafael Salamanca Jr. (BX, District 17); Sandy Nurse (BK, District 37); Sandra Ung (QN, District 20); Inna Vernikov (BK, District 48); Kalman Yeger (BK, District 44) 

Council Member Abreu stated, “There is nothing more important to me than the health and well-being of my neighbors in Uptown Manhattan and across our great city. hat’s why I have spent the last two years focused on delivering basic sanitation services the right way: containerizing waste and removing mountains of trash bags from our streets and schools, developing strategies to mitigate rat infestations in Harlem and other historically underserved communities, and holding building owners accountable for failing to fix unhygienic living conditions. Today is a continuation of this vital work. I am honored that Speaker Adams has entrusted me to lead the Committee on Sanitation and Waste Management. For far too long, we’ve asked New Yorkers to just accept that we live in a dirty city—with all the smells, litter, and pollution that come with it. I am getting right to work building clean, green, rodent-free communities where all New Yorkers can live with dignity and pride.”

Transportation and Infrastructure 

Selvana N. Brooks-Powers (QN, District 31); Amanda Farías (BX, District 18); Carlina Rivera (MN, District 2); Farah N. Louis (BK, District 45); Joann Ariola (QN; District 32); Julie Won (QN, District 26); Carmen De La Rosa (MN, District 10); Mercedes Narcisse (BK, District 46); Chris Banks (BK, District 42)

Council Member Brooks-Powers stated, “I am honored to be re-appointed by the Speaker as Chair of the New York City Council’s Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure As Chair, I’ve sought to improve the safety of our streets and ensure that every New Yorker, no matter where they live or how much money they make, has reliable, affordable access to transportation. I’m proud of what we accomplished last term–all 17 of the local laws we passed and the extensive oversight we exercised over state and city agencies. I look forward to continuing this important work alongside my colleagues in the coming term.”

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams stated, “I am proud of the City Council’s Leadership and committee assignments. We continue our legacy as the most diverse Council in New York City history, and each member’s diverse experiences and expertise will shape the priorities that are truly reflective of what our communities need. While there is much more work to be done, we can build on our foundation of prioritizing women and working families and uplifting the communities that have historically lacked access to critical resources. Together, we can continue investing holistically in our communities so that all New Yorkers can access equitable opportunities and resources that will keep us healthy and safe. I am confident that the members of our committees will help us fulfill our duty to carry out the Council’s charter-mandated oversight and legislative responsibilities at such a critical moment for our city.”

The City Council’s next stated meeting is on February 8th. 

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the Editor of CityLand and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)




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