Comptroller’s Office Releases Audit Recommendations Tracker

The Audit Recommendation Tracker allows New Yorkers to see audit recommendations on an interactive dashboard. Click to launch tracker. Image Credit: Office of the New York City Comptroller.

On July 15, 2022, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander launched the Audit Recommendations Tracker, a new tool accessible to all New Yorkers and used for tracking audit outcomes from January 1, 2022.

In accordance with the New York City Charter, the Comptroller’s Bureau of Audits must audit each City agency at least once every four years. Through the audits, an agency’s efficient utilization or expenditure of funds and an agency’s achievability of intended goals, results, or benefits can be determined. Audits are also critical tools used to assess and promote the integrity, performance and equity in the City government.

Through the new Audit Recommendations Tracker, New Yorkers will be able to view the recommendations given to each City agency and the City agency’s response. The Comptroller webpage allows New Yorkers not only to view the Audit Recommendations Tracker but also to suggest an audit or investigation for particular agencies or policies and to read past audits.

The Comptroller’s office plans to periodically update and track the implementation of their recommendations to the City agencies.

Comptroller Brad Lander stated, “The goal for our audits of City agencies is not a one-day headline – it’s to help make New York City government work better. That requires following up to see whether agencies are implementing our recommendations. Our new Audit Recommendations Tracker provides public transparency on this important question.”

Deputy Comptroller for Audits Maura-Hayes Chaffe stated, “Members of the public can engage with the audit process and understand what came about as a result of the recommendations. [T]he hope for the Tracker is that folks care about the audits and they are keeping track.”

By: Malka Amar (Malka is a CityLaw intern and New York Law School student, Class of 2023.)

Comptroller’s Office: “New York City Comptroller Lander Debuts Audit Recommendations Tracker” (July 15, 2022).

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