COMPLETE VIDEO: NYC Mayoral Election Law and Leadership Series, featuring Mayoral Candidates Shaun Donovan and Art Chang

NYLS students and alumni ask Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan questions. Image Credit: CityLand

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, New York Law School hosted the latest in its Law and Leadership series with a Q&A session with Mayoral Candidates Shaun Donovan and Art Chang. Dean Anthony W. Crowell provided opening and closing remarks. New York Law School students and alumni were given the opportunity to ask the mayoral candidates questions about management style, and policy positions. For Mr. Chang’s portion of the Q&A session, NYLS Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow Michael Pastor joined the discussion.

Shaun Donovan spoke about the importance of collaboration and efficiency in handling the city’s recovery post-pandemic. He answered questions about his experience handling the recovery post-Hurricane Sandy, and said that those who are the most vulnerable before a crisis are the ones usually impacted the greatest by it. He spoke further about using collaboration to address the post-pandemic recovery, like working with local community groups to get resources to families and commercial tenants that need it to help navigate the impending eviction crisis. Mr. Donovan also spoke about ways to make government more efficient and how agencies should coordinate to address city issues.

NYLS students and alumni ask Mayoral Candidate Art Chang questions about technology and policy. Image Credit: CityLand

Art Chang spoke about the incorporation of technology in the city’s growth and recovery, saying that the city has always been a welcoming place for innovation. Mr. Chang answered questions about how technology can be used to improve education, access to government, and provide opportunities. He also discussed his proposal for a digital bill of rights, that would lay out responsibilities for the government to provide universal broadband, access to government services and tools through technology, and other guarantees in addition to the limitations of what government technology can do to surveil and access private data, and what the government does with that data. Mr. Chang also spoke about how to make New York City easier to live in for younger generations, including universal childcare and providing opportunities like consolidating student debt for public employees.

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