Commercial Containerization Rules to Extend to Chain Businesses Sept. 5th

The new commercial containerization rules go into effect starting September 5th. Image Credit: DSNY.

On September 5, 2023, chain businesses with five or more locations citywide will be required to use rigid containers with secure lids when setting out trash curbside for collection. The rule is a part of the city’s ongoing push to control the rat population by restricting sources of food. The rule was finalized and published in the City Record on August 2nd. 

All businesses with five or more locations in New York City will be affected. This includes businesses under the same name, common ownership, or businesses pursuant to franchise agreements with the same franchisor. This follows an earlier announcement that all food-related businesses citywide must use rigid containers or bins for trash disposal starting August 1. 

Any refuse or organic material must be in a container with a secure lid. The requirement does not extend to other recyclables like metal, glass, plastic or paper, or to businesses that have waste collection from a loading dock. 

Businesses have the option to place out trash one hour before closing or after 8 PM. If after 8 PM, recyclables do not need to be in a rigid container. 

The city will be hosting virtual training sessions. The next sessions include:

Registration is required for the virtual training sessions. 

To read the official commercial containerization notice, or to access it in other languages, click here.

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the Editor of CityLand and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)



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