City Planning to Hold Public Engagement Meeting for Jamaica Neighborhood Plan

On September 19, the New York City Department of City Planning announced the date for the first public Jamaica Neighborhood Plan meeting. The meeting will take place at York College on September 30 at 11 a.m. and offer attendees the chance to learn about existing issues in the neighborhood and express what they would like to see changed.

The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan is aimed to create a vision driven by the local community for Jamaica’s future. The Plan focuses on the downtown Jamaica area, around a 300-blockradius and includes transportation corridors, manufacturing districts, institutions and community parks and transportation. The September 30 meeting will address the results of Jamaica’s Neighborhood Plan survey, the planning process for making changes to the neighborhood, and how to stay involved.

The event will begin with an open house from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. allowing community members to learn about the current issues surrounding the neighborhood. From 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. there will be family activities for all ages that include stories about neighborhood planning and planning for the future artwork collages. Finally, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. there will be a workshop with both Spanish and Bangla translators on site, where community members can voice the changes, they would like to see in their community with agency staff.

Borough President Richards and Councilmember Williams, DCP will continue to host workshops throughout the fall and meet with a steering committee, composed of the leaders from the local community, businesses, and faith leaders. To RSVP for this event, click here.

Department of City Planning Director Dan Garodnick said, “As we start this collaborative process to create an even brighter future for Jamaica, we want to hear from our neighbors! From income-restricted homes to good-paying jobs, from improved open space to enhanced resiliency, it’s with the input of everyday New Yorkers that will shape the Jamaica Neighborhood Plan to best meet the needs of this vital community.”

Speaker Adrienne Adams said, “Downtown Jamaica is a central commercial, residential, and transportation hub that is vital to the success of Southeast Queens and our entire city. The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan presents an opportunity for residents to help shape a long-term strategic vision for the area and yield much-needed investments that will benefit our community. I encourage all residents to engage in this critical process and attend the open house and workshop at York College on September 30. With the partnership of elected officials, city agencies, and the residents of Jamaica, we will achieve the progress and change that our community deserves.”

Council Member Nantasha Williams said, “The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan represents a pivotal moment in our community’s history, charting a course towards a more resilient and prosperous Jamaica. It envisions a future with increased housing options, diverse job opportunities, enhanced public spaces, and improved infrastructure, all while preserving our unique character. We recognize that the local community plays a vital role in shaping this vision, and their input is invaluable. I am thrilled to announce the first public meeting for this community-led initiative, a significant step towards realizing a better, more vibrant Jamaica that benefits us all.”

By: Meg Beauregard (Meg is the CityLaw intern, and a New York Law School student, Class of 2024).

New York City Department of City Planning: “Department of City Planning Announces Jamaica Neighborhood Plan Open House and Workshop on September 30” (September 19, 2023).

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