City Planning increases CEQR,ULURP fees

New fees to take effect in June 2007. City Planning’s fee increase for private applications made pursuant to the City Environmental Quality Review process and the City’s land use review procedure, ULURP, will take effect on June 29, 2007. Under the new rule, CEQR fees will typically rise 15 percent, and ULURP fees will go up by 40 percent in most cases. 4 CityLand 40 (April 15, 2007). The CEQR fee increase will also apply to BSA applications.

No one opposed the fee increase at the Planning Commission’s public hearing on April 25, 2007. Over the comment period, Planning received one written comment from the Real Estate Board of New York, which suggested that the increased fees be used to hire additional staff for the environmental assessment division. REBNY’s letter addressed the high cost of doing business in New York and recomrecommended that City Planning continue to increase efficiency and customer service. The letter appeared to object specifically to the fee increase for Type II actions, since they do not require further CEQR review, and reiterated its suggestion that the City expand its list of exempt projects.

More detailed information is available at: html/cp/html/luproc/ulurpfee.shtml.

City Record, May 29, 2007, at 1960.


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