City issues RFEI on congestion pricing

Information will assist State evaluation of proposal. The New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications issued a request for expressions of interest to solicit innovative ideas to design, implement, operate and maintain the City’s congestion pricing plan.

Under the proposed congestion pricing plan, the City will charge vehicles entering or leaving Manhattan below 86th Street during the business day, as a way to alleviate traffic congestion, improve public health, and generate revenue for mass transit. The charge does not apply to certain vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, yellow taxis, and vehicles meeting certain low-emission standards. Moreover, the plan will not charge vehicles more than once per day.

The City proposed a congestion pricing plan in April 2007, and, in July 2007, the State created the New York City Traffic Mitigation Commission. The City intends to use the RFEI to inform its presentation to the commission. The commission will then present its recommendations to the State Legislature and City Council by the end of Jandisuary 2008. Both legislative bodies must approve a final plan by the end of March 2008 in order for the City to qualify for $354 million in federal funds.

Because the City does not intend to establish toll barriers or queuing areas as part of the plan, responders to the RFEI must specify what equipment they propose to install along City streets and how such equipment will incorporate existing infrastructure, recognize vehicles that are not subject to the charge, and collect fees from vehicles with and without E-ZPass. Responders must also address the City’s concerns over system maintenance, privacy, and traffic data monitoring.

EDC set an October 2, 2007 deadline for responses.

New York City Economic Development Corporation Request for Expressions of Interest, Implementation of the City’s Proposed Congestion Pricing Plan (Aug. 28, 2007).

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