City Begins Process of Installing 10,000 New Bike Racks with Bronx Installations

Image Credit: New York City Department of Transportation

Bronx Park East will be getting new bike racks in addition to pedestrian and cyclist improvements. On March 5, 2021, the Department of Transportation began the installation of bike racks along Bronx Park East in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx. This begins the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation’s, Hank Gutman, goal to install 10,000 new bike racks by the end of 2022.

Six of the planned 10,000 bike racks were installed on the date of the announcement. The six newly installed racks can be found at two major intersections, Unionport Road and Bronxdale Avenue. More bike racks can be expected to be installed in Pelham Bay with plans for new racks in all five boroughs.

The Department has also implemented major safety improvements along Bronx Park East. These improvements include building out missing sidewalks, installing curb extensions, adding designated right turn lanes, building out pedestrian islands, and installed two-way bike paths. This project will also connect with an upcoming project to create a protected bike connection to Bronx Park East and the greenway.

The Department of Transportation went on to announce that the East Bronx will serve as the pilot area for the City’s first e-scooter share pilot. The pilot program will bring a new transportation option to the East Bronx from Eastchester and Co-op City to Throggs Neck and Soundview. The pilot will provide a look at how e-scooter sharing services work on City streets. Companies will be operating in alignment with the City’s Vision Zero and equity goals. The pilot will launch in late spring and will last a minimum of one year. An upcoming announcement will state the companies selected to participate as well as details about the equipment, accessibility, pricing, and other features.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Hank Gutman stated, “With spring on the horizon, we are thrilled to complete some of the first new bike rack installations — as we work toward an ambitious goal of 10,000 by next year. But the Department of Transportation is not just committing to accommodating the city’s cycling boom with more accessible bike parking, we are pairing these bike racks with major bike lane and safety improvements. Here in the east Bronx, the incredible team at Department of Transportation is very busy; in addition to racks and safety projects, they will also bring e-scooter share to New York City for the first time in a matter of months.”

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, Chairman of the Transportation Committee stated, “Last year we saw a significant increase in cyclist ridership across the City. We must meet this increase in demand with additional cycling infrastructure. I look forward to continuing to work alongside DOT Commissioner Hank Gutman, Speaker Johnson, my colleagues at the Council, and advocates to ensure we continue expanding on these initiatives.”

Eric McClure, Executive Director of StreetsPAC stated, “In tandem with new cycling infrastructure, like the new path on Bronx Park East, and the coming e-scooter share pilot program, residents of the east Bronx will soon have several great new options for getting around quickly and safely – without cars. We’re grateful to Commissioner Gutman and his team for prioritizing these new mobility efforts in the Bronx.”

By: Patrick McNeill (Patrick is the CityLaw intern and a New York Law School student, Class of 2022.)


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  1. I appreciate this project and hope that New Yorkers will take advantage of the Citibikes, which will lead to a healthier New York. However, the increase of bike racks means more bike lanes and less parking space for businesses and their employees. If businesses cannot provide ample parking to employees, or prospective employees, this affects their bottom line severely, and with businesses trying to regain their footing after closing for months because of the pandemic, they need all the help that they can get. With that being said, will sidewalks be wider to accommodate more outdoor dining? How will that situation be addressed? Thank you for your time and attention. Go New York!

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