Certificates of Occupancy revoked

Developer did not follow plans filed with Buildings. Between February and April 2002, Buildings issued C of Os for ten buildings within a multi-building residential development along 34th Avenue in Flushing, Queens. Buildings later found that the buildings were not built according to approved plans and sought to revoke the C of Os. Buildings argued that the approved plans incorrectly identified a floor as a mezzanine and that a fourth floor was inappropriately constructed as an independent dwelling unit. Buildings also found that, contrary to approved plans, interior roof access stairs were not provided and accessible exterior routes and primary entrances were not up to code. The developer also failed to comply with off-street parking regulations and minimum distances between windows and the side lot line.

Although the developer received construction permits from Buildings in March 2005 to correct objections at five of the buildings, the developer did not complete the work and the remaining five buildings had a “disapproved” status. The developer indicated that work was expected to be completed in December 2005 for the five permitted buildings, while work on the five disapproved buildings was expected to be completed by January 2006.

BSA determined that the C of Os had been improperly issued and revoked them. This will allow Buildings to issue new or modified C of Os once the buildings are brought into compliance.

BSA: 140-26A through 140-36 34th Avenue (53-04-A through 62-04-A) (December 13, 2005). CITYADMIN

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