Sidewalk Cafes: What it Takes to Dine on the Streets of New York

Operating a sidewalk café requires a public review process and approval from the city. Summer is here and many restaurants open sidewalk cafés to give people a breath of fresh air while enjoying a meal. To operate a sidewalk café, the business must have a food service establishment permit and each year the business must pay consent fees, which are essentially a “lease” for use of the sidewalk space.

$5,000 fine imposed on e-bike seller

Shop in lower Manhattan offered electric bikes for sale. Arrow Ebikes, Inc, located on 287 Broome Street in Manhattan, specializes in selling and servicing electric bikes (e-bikes). On November 23, 2015, a Department of Consumer Affairs officer observed Arrow Ebikes displaying ten e-bikes for sale. E-bikes are considered motorized scooters because they are a wheeled device with handlebars and are powered by an electric motor. (See City Law Volume 22, Number 1). The … <Read More>