City not liable for tree root injury

Man tripped on a sidewalk that was raised because of growing tree roots. On March 5, 2017, Konstantinos Gallis tripped and fell on a raised part of a sidewalk adjacent to 23-21 33rd Road, Queens. Tree roots had raised the sidewalk and allegedly caused the trip.

Bathtub accommodation denied

Elderly tenant sought lower tub or walk-in shower. Raquel Nuredin is an 87-year-old tenant of a rent-controlled apartment building located at 31-14 42nd Street in Astoria, Queens owned by Koufa Reality. Nuredin has a claw foot tub in her apartment and is unable to use her tub because she cannot safely enter or exit due to her advanced age.

$20k fine for crane wind violation

Crane engineer failed to follow procedure for securing cranes during high winds. Matheau Chaudanson was a supervising engineer at a construction site located at 608 West 40th Street, Manhattan. One of Chaudanson’s responsibilities was to monitor wind speeds and direct the out-of-service configuration of crawler cranes in order to ensure safety.  Chaudanson, in anticipation of wind speeds of 60 miles per hour, participated in a meeting to discuss crawler crane configurations on February 25, … <Read More>

Loft status denied for non-resident

Loft occupant moved out prior to applying for protected status. Frank Hughes was a resident at 401 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, a commercial building with several residential units. In 2012, Hughes and other residents of the building applied to the New York City Loft Board for Loft Law occupant protection status, which referred the applications for an OATH hearing. The 401 Wythe Avenue residents sought Loft Law status because lofts in split commercial/residential buildings … <Read More>

Nail Salon gets $15K COVID fines

Nail salon violated health code by staying open for business in a Covid Red Zone. BJ New Beauty Queen Nail Spa, Inc., located at 968 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, was within a Covid “Red Zone.” A Covid Red Zone is an area where non-essential businesses must close due to a high infection rate. Despite the mandatory order to close, BJ New Beauty Queen remained open for business. The Department of Finance issued a summons amounting in … <Read More>

Water Board ruled necessary party

New York City excused for default on a lawsuit regarding water allowance arrears. A&F Scaccia operates a concrete manufacturing plant at 104-17 148th Street in Jamaica, Queens. Between 2007 and 2015, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection charged A&F Scaccia Realty Corp. for low-estimated water readings due to a broken water meter on their commercial property. On discovery of the error, the DEP reassessed the concrete company’s water usage in 2016 and charged A&F Scaccia … <Read More>