Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path Completed, Open for Use

Riders use the new bike path on the Brooklyn Bridge. Image Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

The new bike lane is the first reconfiguration of the Brooklyn Bridge since 1950. On September 14, 2021, the new two-way protected bike lane on the Brooklyn Bridge was completed and open for use. The new bike lane provides protection for cyclists and pedestrians, who now have exclusive access to the promenade where the bike lane previously was located. For CityLand’s prior coverage of this project, click here

Bicycle ridership has increased citywide, with over 60,000 bicycle crossings over the Brooklyn Bridge recorded in the month prior to the construction of the bike path. Previously, those cyclists would have to share the promenade with over 10,000 pedestrians daily. 

The project, which began in June and finished ahead of schedule, repurposed one lane of vehicular traffic to create a two-way protected bike lane. Barrier segments, new traffic signals, and protective fencing on the interior of the bridge were installed and traffic changes were made to reduce congestion. The addition of the new bike lane is the first reconfiguration of the Brooklyn Bridge since the trolley tracks were removed in 1950. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated, “There’s no better sign that the cycling boom is here to stay than permanently redesigning the most iconic bridge in America. This bike lane is more than just a safe, convenient option for thousands of daily cyclists. It’s a symbol of New York City fully embracing a sustainable future and striking a blow against car culture.” 

Council Member Margaret Chin stated, “This is a bold step towards creating a more efficient transportation system, which is exactly what our city needs. Bicycling is a great emissions-free way to access Lower Manhattan and it’s also a lot of fun! Creating a bicycle lane on Brooklyn Bridge is an example of how we can better use our existing infrastructure and this change should be the first of many. Our city needs more dedicated bicycle lanes so that any New Yorker can ride a bicycle as safely as they can drive a car on our streets.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the CityLaw fellow and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)

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