Bronx site okayed for sewage overflow facility

New 12-million gallon sewage storage facility to be built. The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services sought approval of a 3.6-acre site selection for a combined sewage overflow storage facility to reduce stormwater sewage discharge emitted into Westchester Creek. The development required Commission approval for the site selection, acquisition of 155,900 sq.ft. of land and a special permit allowing the sewage facility in a residentially-zoned area of the Bronx.

The site is located along an unmapped street in the southwestern portion of the Bronx Psychiatric Center, roughly bounded on the north by Waters Place, east by Eastchester Road and west by Industrial Place. The sewage facility would include a two-story operation building, with air treatment and mechanical facilities, and a 25- foot deep underground storage tank, 348 ft. by 170 ft. in dimension.

In its applications, DEP claimed that the facility – required to meet federal standards – would reduce sewage discharges into Westchester Creek by 70%. DEP also stated that the site was the only one found with adequate land in proximity to existing sewage conduits.

Following an August 11, 2004 public hearing, the Commission unanimously approved on September 22, 2004, finding the site appropriate due to its size, proximity to other sewage conduits, and a sufficient distance from residential uses. The Commission noted that DEP had considered and rejected an alternative site proposed by Borough President Adolfo Carrion as infeasible due to its slope.

ULURP Process: Lead agency DEP issued a negative declaration on February 21, 2003. The Commission certified the application on May 24, 2004, sending it to Bronx Community Board 11. The Community Board did not hold a public hearing, but voted to approve on June 24, 2004. Borough President Carrion disapproved, recommending an alternative site, 1,200 ft. east of the chosen site. Because this recommendation was filed after the 30-day ULURP deadline, however, the Commission was not required to consider the site. Nevertheless, DEP analyzed and rejected the site.

CPC Cal. Nos. 9-10 C 030272 ZSX (special permit) . C 030271 PCX (site selectionl acquisition) (September 22, 2004) (Westchester Creek CSO Facility) . CITYADMIN

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