Bay Ridge 5th Avenue BID approved

BID will encompass 340 properties to address sanitation and security needs. The Planning Commission unanimously approved an application by the Bay Ridge 5th Avenue District Management Association and the Department of Small Business Services to create a Bay Ridge 5th Avenue Business Improvement District in Brooklyn. The proposed BID will allow an annual assessment on businesses and residents to provide improved sanitation and security for 340 properties containing 320 businesses. The BID area extends along 5th Avenue from 65th Street to 85th Street.

The BID would focus on remediation of sanitation, graffiti and security issues by employing a daily four-person sanitation crew. The $338,000 first-year budget will come from an assessment on commercial properties of $41 dollars per-linear-front- foot. Corner lots will be assessed an additional $100. Residents and owners of vacant property will pay an annual $1 assessment.

At the January 11, 2006 Commission hearing no one spoke in opposition to the BID. The Commission unanimously approved the BID as submitted.

CPC: Bay Ridge 5th Avenue BID (N 060222 BDK) (February 8, 2006).

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