Architect fined $750

Former DOB plan examiner contacted DOB on behalf of employer about a problem with its e-filing system. John Tsarsis had been employed by the Department of Buildings as a plan examiner for six years. In 2007, Tsarsis worked for a short period with Ismael Leyva Architects, but then began working as a senior projects and code and zoning manager for Milrose Consultants. Less than a year after leaving Buildings, Tsarsis contacted the Department on behalf of Milrose. Tsarsis e-mailed Buildings’ executive director of operations redesign, seeking advice on how to resolve a computer problem that Milrose was experiencing with Building’s e-filing system. Tsarsis acknowledged that by contacting Buildings on behalf of Milrose, he violated the City’s conflicts of interest laws that prohibit a former public servant from appearing before the City agency they worked for within one year after terminating their employment. The Conflicts of Interest Board fined Tsarsis $750.

Tsarsis, COIB Case No. 2008-624 Oct. 17, 2008.

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