Architect charged with false and misleading filings

Architect Robert Scarano faces the possible loss of his ability to file DOB permits. On June 12, 2008, Buildings announced that it filed administrative charges with the Department of Investigation against licensed architect Robert Scarano, alleging that he knowingly or negligently filed false and misleading documents along with building permit applications for two Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment buildings.

According to Buildings, Scarano improperly divided a zoning lot located at 158 Freeman Street and 1037 Manhattan Avenue to facilitate the construction of two residential buildings. Both structures violate the lot’s zoning.

An administrative hearing is now pending before the City’s Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings. If OATH finds that Scarano knowingly or negligently made a false statement in the application, the Commissioner of Buildings can refuse to accept Scarano’s future permit applications pursuant to a State law passed in April 2007. The charges are the result of the Special Enforcement Plan, first announced in July 2007.

DOB, Press Release, City Files Charges Against Architect Robert Scarano (June 12, 2008).

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