City “Leading the Charge” to Update Schools to More Efficient Heating and Lighting

Cutting-edge improvements to environmental consciousness and efficiency come only 20 years after New York schools stop burning coal. On October 28, 2022, Mayor Eric Adams announced a $4 billion investment in school upgrades, conversions, and retrofits to phase out the use of No. 4 heating oil in more than 200 schools across the five boroughs. The plan, dubbed “Leading the Charge,” will contribute significantly to the City’s goals of 50 percent carbon emission reduction by … <Read More>

DEP Announces Installation of Solar Panels on Schools, Water Treatment Facilities

The new solar power installations will help to generate over 22 megawatts of solar energy. On March 1, 2021, New York City and the New York Power Authority announced the installation of solar arrays at almost 50 public schools within New York City as well as at water treatment facilities in Manhattan, Westchester, Delaware, and Ulster counties. The power generated by the installations is enough to power approximately 5,600 City residences and reduce nearly 7,000 … <Read More>

City Announces Plan to Reopen Schools After Temporary Halt to In-Person Learning

Elementary schools will reopen December 7th but middle and high schools will remain remote only for the foreseeable future. On November 29, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Department of Education Chancellor Richard Carranza announced a plan to reopen New York City public schools for in-person learning after temporarily shutting schools on November 19th after the City’s COVID-19 positivity rates exceeded three percent. 

City Announces Abrupt Changes to Return of In-Person Instruction at Schools

The delay comes less than a week before all students were scheduled to return to in-person instruction. On September 17, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio, DOE Chancellor Richard Carranza, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew and Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) President Mark Cannizzaro announced a delay in the return to in-person instruction at NYC public schools. This is the second delay in the return to in-person instruction. Schools will physically … <Read More>