Hotel expansion approved

Proposed building, left, as part of the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s approved expansion plan at 125 Chambers Street. Image: Courtesy Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects.

Commissioners approved design changes to the top and ground floors of Cosmopolitan Hotel’s proposed building. On September 15, 2009, Landmarks approved the revised expansion proposal for the Cosmopolitan Hotel located on the corner of West Broadway and Chambers Street in the Tribeca South Historic District. The applicants will demolish the two-story, 1967 building adjacent to the hotel, occupied by Mary Ann’s Mexican restaurant, and replace it with a six-story structure.

At an earlier June 2 hearing, local residents and Council Member Alan Gerson had opposed the plan. The Commissioners then rejected the original design, objecting to its non-contextual features and criticizing the building’s “floating” glass-facade base, its metal-paneled sixth floor, and the existing building’s proposed aluminum marquee. 6 CityLand 94 (July 15, 2009).

Matthew Gottsegen, of Franke Gottsegen Cox, revised the proposal, which now featured a newly designed ground floor with a stone base and steel column covers with glass infill. A cast-stone band would separate the commercial ground floor from the floors above. The new design eliminated the top floor’s metal panels and replaced them with brick and a zinc-coated copper cornice. Gottsegen explained that the redesigned storefront would “ground” the building and that the redesigned top floor would “unify” the structure.

Commissioner Margery Perlmutter found the hotel’s new proposal “greatly improved,” and Chair Robert B. Tierney stated that it had “come a long way.” Commissioner Pablo Vengoechea also found the design appropriate, describing the new cornice as “elegant.” Landmarks voted unanimously to approve the proposal.

LPC: 125 Chambers St., Manhattan (COFA# 09-6531) (Sept. 15, 2009).

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