Council Passes Bill Requiring More Rigorous Customer Service Training for Shelter Personnel

On April 16, 2023, NYC adopted Local Law 49 of 2003. The new law was originally introduced as Int. 431 in 2002 by Council Member Rafael Salamanca. Local Law 49 will require the Department of Homeless Services to provide biannual customer service training to employees working in the city’s homeless shelters. The law was enacted just months after a Venezuelan asylum seeker in a shelter was struck in the face by a DHS officer in … <Read More>

Proposed Council Bill Seeks Feasibility of Universal Benefits Application

A universal application for city benefit programs might be coming to New York City. On February 2, 2023, Councilmember Crystal Hudson introduced Introduction 910 to the City Council. The bill would mandate the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services to complete and publish a report on the feasibility of creating a universal benefits application for city benefit programs. Should the creation of a universal application be deemed feasible, it would allow individuals to use … <Read More>

Council Approves Bill to Incorporate Universal Design Features in City-Funded Housing Developments

On February 21, 2023, Mayor Eric Adams signed Local Law 030 of 2023. The law will require housing developers receiving City funds for new rental developments with over 41 units to incorporate universal design features. The goal of the law is to make all units fully accessible to any occupant no matter their age, or disability. The law will meet the needs of New Yorkers so that they can age safely in their homes and … <Read More>