ECB Upholds Buildings Advertising Signs Violation in Brooklyn

Board agreed zoning prohibited advertising signs painted on the wall.  On March 29, 2014 the Department of Buildings issued five notices of violation against the Respondent, Metropolitan Avenue 298-308 Associates, Inc., for a prohibited outdoor advertising company sign painted onto the wall of 302 Metropolitan Avenue and failing to comply with previous Buildings orders in 2011 to correct previously-displayed signs.

ECB Denies Appeal of Dismissed Buildings Summons

Board finds no evidence the engineer knew or should have known his filed plans were inaccurate.  On September 25, 2014 the Department of Buildings issued a notice of violation to Kenneth Philogene, a professional engineer, for making a material false statement in amended construction plans filed with DOB.  The amended plans submitted by Mr. Philogene on September 8, 2014 showed the subject building at 1215 Jefferson Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn to be three stories tall, … <Read More>

LES Explosion, Plumber Loses License

Master plumber who held the permits for the work in the buildings destroyed in an explosion found repeatedly negligent and submitted materially false documents to Buildings. Andrew Trombettas, a master plumber affiliated with S. K. Piping & Heating Corp., located at 2103 21st Avenue in Astoria, and Beta Plumbing & Heating Corp, located at 1201 Astoria Blvd in Astoria, has been issued approximately 400 plumbing permits. Following an explosion at a building for which Trombettas … <Read More>

ECB Reinstates Construction Company Penalty

Respondent previously relied on an agency email waiving excavation requirements.  On March 11, 2015 a Department of Buildings inspection officer issued notices of violation to Monadnock Construction for thirty building sites along the length of Egan Street in East New York, Brooklyn.  The notices were issued because the construction sites had begun excavation without notifying Buildings and obtaining excavation numbers for each site.  Monadnock contested the notices and argued they submitted the necessary AI-1form … <Read More>

ALJ Finds Landlord Harassed Tenants

Testimony showed landlord Aimco routinely ignored maintenance requests and issued baseless eviction threats.  The NYC Department of Housing Preservation Development charged Aimco with a dozen different forms of harassment against their tenants.  Aimco is the owner of the Tempo, a Class A hotel at 238-244 West 73rd Street, with 150 rent-stabilized single-room occupancy (SRO) units and 75 SRO units rented at market-rate.  Aimco’s representative, John Bezzant, denied the charges and petitioned for a certificate of … <Read More>

ECB Held Premises Used as Adult Establishment Violated TCO

Respondents argued DOB-approved alteration plans sufficient to change occupancy of premises from cabaret to adult establishment. On October 13, 2011, the City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) issued notices of violations to 725 7th Avenue Realty Co. for illegal use of the premises as an adult establishment, as well as illegal use of the second floor and cellar. The premise is currently occupied by the Lace Gentlemen’s Club located at 725 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

The … <Read More>