Mayor Signs Legislation To Extend Rent-Stabilization Laws

Due to City’s low vacancy rate, rent stabilization laws have been extended. On March 27, 2018, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation to extend rent regulation laws for the next three years. The laws will remain in effect until April 1, 2021. State rent stabilization laws continue to be effective when the vacancy rate is below 5%. The City’s vacancy rates are determined and measured by the Housing and Vacancy Survey, which is conducted every … <Read More>

HPD Announces Historically Low Rental Vacancy Rate

On February 8, 2024, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development announced the initial results of the latest New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (NYCHVS). The survey is the official source of the net rental vacancy rate which is used to show the ongoing need for rent control and rent stabilization. The survey is run approximately every three years and done in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau since 1965. It is the longest-running <Read More>

Mayor Appoints Nestor Davidson as Rent Guidelines Board Chair

On March 10, 2023, Mayor Eric Adams announced the appointment of Nestor Davidson as the new chair of the New York City Rent Guidelines Board. The Rent Guidelines Board is responsible for establishing rent adjustments for the over one million dwelling units subject to the Rent Stabilization Law. The Board consists of nine members who are all appointed by the Mayor. 

Attorney General James Partners with City and State Agencies to Prevent Evictions of Rent-Stabilized Tenants in East Village

Government officials fear bad precedent could make it easier for landlords to bypass rent stabilization laws. On March 13, 2019, New York Attorney General Letitia James, the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) announced that the State and City moved to join in an action in United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York as part … <Read More>