Special Permit Granted To Enlarge Building in Historic District

BSA found the proposed expansion would not alter the neighborhood character or interfere with any pending public improvements.  On December 9, 2014 the Board of Standards and Appeals voted to grant the applicant, Galt Group Holdings, a special permit to extend the rear portion of an existing building as part of the building’s conversion into a single-family home.  The building is located at 127 East 71st Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Historic District, … <Read More>

After judicial remand, special permit granted for residence

Second Department ordered BSA to determine whether special permit findings were met. In 2005, Alexis Lyublinskiy obtained an alteration permit to enlarge his one-story home at 136 Norfolk Street in Manhattan Beach. Initial demolition and construction work did not match building plans, and Lyublinskiy eventually demolished all but one of the original building’s walls and built a two-story house.

Buildings issued a stop-workorder after discovering that the house did not conform to the approved plans. <Read More>

BSA rejects special permit for demolished building

Owner’s application to Buildings failed to disclose actual conditions or intentions with respect to demolition. Alexis Lyublinskiy hoped to enlarge his one-story home at 136 Norfolk Street in Manhattan Beach. After his architect self-certified permits, demolition and construction work began that did not match the permits. Lyublinskiy eventually demolished three walls and constructed a two-story home that violated zoning restrictions on floor area, wall height and yard limitations.

The Department of Buildings then issued a … <Read More>

Special permit extended for Chelsea Piers gym

Sports Center received 10-year extension; filed house ruled as-of-right. In 1995, Chelsea Piers, L.P., owner and developer of Chelsea Piers at Piers 59-62 between West 17th and West 23rd Streets in Manhattan, received a special permit from BSA to operate a gym and sports facility on an 181,781-square-foot portion of Pier 60 that eventually became the Chelsea Piers Sports Center and Fieldhouse. The Sports Center contains an 115,960-square-foot health club with a pool and facilities … <Read More>

BSA Grants Permit to Enlarge Special District Building in Brooklyn

The Board granted the permit after confirming the neighborhood’s character would not be altered. On March 10, 2015 the Board of Standards and Appeals granted a special permit to Athina Orthodoxou to enlarge a non-complying two-story two-family home at 337 99th Street, in an R4-1 zoning district in the Special Bay Ridge District of Brooklyn.  The Special District was established in 2005 to protect Bay Ridge from high-density development.  (See additional CityLand coverage … <Read More>

BSA Permits Construction on Unmapped Street

Board approved a new commercial building on satisfying Fire Department requirements.  On July 14, 2015 the Board of Standards and Appeals voted to grant a permit for the construction of a single-story commercial building at 47 Trioka Way in the Special South Richmond Development District of Staten Island.  The building will be concrete block with metal walls and roof, covering 15,120 square feet of floor area divided evenly among ten storage units and contractor’s establishments.