$70,000 illegal sign fine imposed on garage owner

Fine reduced because owner removed illegal sign prior to first scheduled hearing. Buildings issued Term-Fulton Realty Corp. four notices of violation in connection with an outdoor advertising sign covering more than six levels of its seven-story garage at 54 Fulton Street in Manhattan. The sign remained in place for another ten months, and Buildings issued the owner seven additional NOVs, all noted as second-offense violations.

At a hearing, the owner claimed it had not authorized … <Read More>

$160,000 fine for repeat billboard offenses

Property owner without a permit allowed outdoor advertising. One Maiden Lane Realty LLC leased outdoor space to a registered outdoor advertising company. Under the lease agreement, the property owner could not collect revenue from advertising signs or control advertising sign content. An officer from Buildings issued several notices of violation to the owner in June 2007 for erecting two advertising signs without a permit and for numerous zoning law violations. About a year later, Buildings … <Read More>

Demolition contractor fined $3,400

Contractor left job but work continued under its expired permit. An officer from Buildings issued B & A Demolition & Removal notices of violation for engaging in demolition work with an expired permit, failing to safeguard the public and property affected by demolition operations, failing to post a required Department of Transportation permit, and failing to provide adequate housekeeping during demolition operations. At a hearing, B & A claimed that it had been fired from … <Read More>

NOVs for unstable building dismissed


604 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Photo: CityLand.

Board found that owner had been properly monitoring the building. In March 2008, two Buildings officers issued separate notices of violation to the owner of 604 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for failing to maintain the premises in a safe condition. The first NOV noted that the building was leaning one-half to one inch to the south, and a second NOV issued twelve days later noted … <Read More>

Three entities fined for demolition of exterior wall

Removal of exterior wall required prior registration with DEP. 116 Third Place LLC hired a general contractor to manage demolition at 116 Third Place in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. The general contractor hired a subcontractor, who demolished an entire exterior wall of a building. An officer discovered that the subcontractor demolished the wall without first registering with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and issued Notices of Violation to all three … <Read More>