OATH Trial Judge Recommends Denial of Loft Law Protection to Separated Couple

Board found the two-family requirement was not met.  In 1983 Maria Nazor, an artist, leased the fourth floor of 544 West 27th Street in Chelsea for ten years from the owner. Nazor, with the owner’s consent, created two separate lofts each with their own kitchen, bathroom, and five independent studio spaces.  Nazor occupied 4N and rented unit 4S and the studios to various tenants and artists at a prorated rent.  Nazor married Peter Mickle, an … <Read More>

No rent benefits for loft renters

Tenants in loft law units sought rent regulation protection based on 2010 amendments. 59 Crosby Street in Manhattan was an interim multiple dwelling covered under the 1982 loft law. This law required an owner to convert an interim multiple dwelling building into legal residential premises and obtain a certificate of occupancy. The owners of 59 Crosby in 1984 purchased the rights and improvements to the fifth-floor interim multiple dwelling unit from the then-current tenant. In … <Read More>